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Object Oriented Programming Python

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Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming worldview that rotates around the idea of items, which embody information and conduct together. Python is a flexible and strong programming language that upholds OOP standards. Here is an outline of the fundamental OOP ideas in Python:

Classes and Objects:

A class is a plan or layout for making objects. It characterizes the construction and conduct of articles having a place with that class.

An item is an occurrence of a class. It addresses a particular element with its own information and conduct, following the definition given by the class.


Attributes are factors that have a place with an item or class. They address the state or information of the item.

In Python,  attributes can be characterized inside the class and can be gotten to utilizing the spot documentation.


Methods are capabilities characterized inside a class that characterize the way of behaving of objects of that class.

They can get to and adjust the traits of the class and perform activities connected with the article.


Encapsulation: is the idea of packaging information (credits) and the strategies that work on that information (conduct) inside a solitary unit (class).

It helps in concealing the execution subtleties and just uncovering the essential connection point to cooperate with the article.


Inheritance is an mechanism that permits a class (kid class) to acquire properties and conduct from another class (parent class).

It works with code reuse and the making of a various leveled connection between classes.


Polymorphism permits objects of various classes to be treated as objects of a typical parent class.

It empowers a similar strategy name to be utilized for various classes, giving adaptability in taking care of articles.

Object-Oriented Programming is a strong worldview that can help in planning perfect, secluded, and reusable code. By utilizing OOP ideas, you can make more coordinated and viable Python programs.

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Object Oriented Programming Python